High Pressure Laminates (HPL)

HPL Laminates PVC-High Pressure Laminate Sheet has PVC core that makes it resistant to water, fire, fungus, and termite. HPL-(High Pressure Laminate) is considered to be one of the most durable, decorative Surface materials available enhancing performance. HPL Panel is produced by sandwiching layers of PVC foil and PVC virgin material fusing them together under intense heat and pressure. The resulting product is strong, waterproof & available in a diverse range of decors to create a contemporary cost effective product
BRAND: Kairos

Advantages of HPL

  • Durable: HPL Panel is known for highest quality material that stays with you for centuries in perfect condition.
  • Fire Resistance: High Pressure Laminate sheets are fire resistant which makes your home more secure.
  • Stain & Scratch Resistance: HPL Sheet is scratch resistant which makes your exterior look always beautiful.
  • Eco-friendly: HPL sheets has been many health benefit due to Eco-friendly materials manufacturing.
  • Easy Maintenance: Kairos decor HPL Panels are easy to install and maintain due to preferable material.