Acrylic Laminates

As the name suggests acrylic laminates are made of durable acrylic. Acrylic is strong material molded in elegant designs to provide stunning and long-lasting laminates to elevate home decor. We have a stylish range of acrylic laminates that suits best for the modern home. These laminates ensure everlasting beauty to your home space.
What matters most to the practicality and aesthetics of your home's interior design is the surface treatments you choose for your kitchen cabinets and closets. With the right cabinet finish, your house might seem if it was lifted from a design magazine. The look and feel of your home's interiors depend on the materials you choose.

Brand: Kairos Decor
Type: Acrylic Laminates
Features: Anti-scatch, Waterproof
Finish: Glossy, Mirror
Size/Dimension: 1220mm x 2440mm
Packaging Type: Roll and Flat
Material: Acrylic
Thickness: 1.3mm