About Us

The journey of Kairos Decor Pvt. Ltd began in 2018 with the establishment of a PVC laminates in Uttar Pradesh. In the span of just 5 years, Kairos Decor has become one of the leading manufacturer of PVC Laminates, PVC Liner, PVC 3mm HPL sheet, PVC Edge band tape, Acrylic Laminate in India. Kairos Decor is a company committed to its vision to be The Best manufacturing specialist of home decor product in India. Our commitment to offer excellent quality and customer satisfaction remains steadfast.To meet the increase in demand for our products, we employ a highly efficient manufacturing process, wherein our employees do the manufacturing via state-of-the-art systems. We meet the bulk order requirements of corporate and institutional clients, while customising for individual clients and by remaining focused on the growing importance of quality, efficiency, and sustainability, we will continue our odyssey to make lives safer, healthier, and more efficient across the world. Over the years and learning from experience , it has grown from a niche to a giant catering of all interior solutions for your homes and work places around the nation.